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Peter Joseph’s 3rd Zeitgeist instalment ‘Moving Forward’ is IMHO a compelling collection of hard hitting facts and self-evident truths.

Whilst the first 2 movies in the trilogy were ‘interesting‘, they left no real lasting impression and I can definitely understand the controversy and ill feeling Joseph caused with his apparent anti-religion viewpoint.

However, the third instalment is a different animal entirely.

Peter connects the previously unconnected dots to form a coherent and convincing picture. He’s managed to not only illuminate the main cause of the problems of our world, but also offer a viable and compelling solution. I’m left inspired and very much aligned with Fresco’s personal life-long vision.

“This shit’s got to go!”

Sadly, many reviewers seem unable to get their head around the simplicity and self-evident nature of the concepts the movie so effectively conveys.

It seems the biggest sticking point (or mind-lock to use Joseph’s favourite term) is the mistaken belief that human nature is somehow flawed, abberant and guaranteed to drive humanity into corruption, selfishness and violence, regardless of societal structure, thus making any kind of voluntary harmonious co-existance impossible.

Zeitgesit Moving Forward (ZMF) presents us with the ‘Nature vs Nurture’ argument, asserting that it is in fact primarily our environment that shapes our behaviour as a species, not genetics. I whole-heartedly agree.

Disappointingly (for me), there is no reference in ZMF to the obvious and accelerating consciousness shift occurring around the planet at this time. Perhaps that’s intentional – last thing a pragmatic approach needs is a New-Age label! Nonetheless, it’s a critical piece of the puzzle, and one who’s significance I’ll argue for in this review.

OK, before we get into the nitty gritty, here’s the movie, in full, for those who’ve yet to see it. At 2 hours and 40 minutes it takes a bit of commitment to watch in one sitting, but it’s well worth it. So go ahead, put the kettle on, get the chocolate chip cookies out, and indulge yourself ;)

OK,  so if you’re still with me at this point I’m going to assume you’ve watched the movie – ALL of it!

So just to be clear, what is being proposed here is a move away from our current, flawed, out of control monetary system to a ‘Resource Based Economy’ (RBE).

On a practical level, that means money will cease to exist. Trading will cease to be necessary. Our requirements will be made freely available, no price tag.

I initially dismissed the Venus Project and the concept of a RBE as a Utopian Ideal without much grounding in reality. Seems I wasn’t alone in that assessment. However, after doing a bit more research and making the effort to get outside the box and think things through, it’s becoming self evident that this is a very viable option, if not the ONLY option, if we wish to save ourselves and what is left of our beautiful planet.

So back to the main objection: nay sayers claim that humans are faulted by design; violent, egotistical, jealous etc. One only needs to look into human history to acknowledge they do have a good point!

ZMF offers us the idea that a RBE would create a global environment that nurtures and empowers all humans, thus eliminating the bulk of deviant human behaviour (e.g. 95% of  prosecuted crime is financially motivated).

Critics say cashless societies have been tried before, never successfully. Joseph responds ‘never on a global basis, never like this. Any previous experiment has been constrained and perverted by the global monetary system within which it must operate.’

ZMF and The Venus Project (TVP) suggest that the transition from a monetary system to a RBE will create the environmental changes needed to sustain a peaceful and harmonious human co-existence. Critics argue we are way too fucked up to make such a transition, so why even bother. Even the critics who can align with the idea and wish to see it fulfilled, cannot see a way to get from ‘here to there’ and claim this is a chicken and egg scenario.

In other words, we may very well be able to ‘play nice’ with each other once we are living in a system that provides for our needs without a price tag, but we will never be able to play nice for long enough to make it happen, living in the current system of ‘dog eat dog’ Bill Gates style financial meritocracy.

“Yes we can see how having all our needs met will reduce aberrant behaviour and make us more able to coexist harmoniously, but how are we going to get from here to there, as it will take a global effort to make the shift and the majority of the people of the world are not ready for that?”

Joseph reminds us in ZMF that if we don’t begin to take steps to fix the mess pretty soon, it’s going to be too late!

I suspect there’s a sense that regardless of current political will to align to a new paradigm where the world’s resources are considered the equal heritage of the entire human population, the inevitable catastrophic breakdown of the system will force our collective hand at some point in the future, perhaps some time VERY soon!

It does seem obvious and inevitable that the system will eventually destroy itself. Isn’t it evident this is already happening, and has been for many decades? Joseph is hoping that his movie and the Zeitgeist Movement will play its part in raising awareness and educating a critical mass of people before it’s too late.

Without the tide of awareness, the most likely path will be to one of increased police and military control, reduced personal liberty, massively increased poverty, war, destruction and die-off as society as we know it collapses into chaos. In fact, it does seem that those with global influence, (the cabal of cynical old men that control the monetary system), are actively steering us in this direction, if not intentionally, then at least as a consquence of their actions and inaction.

Enter the Angels!

Here’s where I’m going to get New-Agey, so apologies to all the ‘mechanists’ out there who can’t accept the validity of anything they can’t hit with a hammer!

What I believe Peter is missing (perhaps intentionally as previously stated), is the current shift in consciousness and ground swell of individual awakening experiences, unparalleled by any previous era in recorded history.

A couple of thousand years or so ago, a few very special dudes showed up, who had full access to the experience of the inter-connectedness of all things. They shared their experience in teachings, which have been handed down across the centuries but unfortunately mostly misunderstood and misinterpreted since day one!

The main reason for the misrepresentations is that without a direct experience of one-ness, there can only be a conceptual understanding, which is no substitute for the fundamental knowing required to actually ‘get it’. (Jokes are only funny when you get them. Understanding why something’s funny doesn’t make you laugh!)

Sure, the books and seminars have been banging out the message for a long time now, and there’s no shortage of disciples and believers. Yet take an individual who believes in one-ness, put them shoulder to shoulder with thousands of their brothers and sisters in a state of chaos, confusion, starvation and imminent death, and most if not all will fight for survival, regardless of the cost to others.

“Beliefs are meaningless when the chips are down, only direct experience in the moment counts.”

So here’s the difference between now and any other time in human history ... masses and masses of people are having their own personal awakening experiences. It’s not the purvue of the masters anymore, it’s sweeping the world, and no class, creed, color or social set is immune or left out.

I’ve outlined a personal theory of what occurs for the individual following these awakenings in my article Big Self Little Self , so please check that out for more clarity.

In brief, Little Self is the unawakened human state, referring to the collection of thoughts, emotions, beliefs and energetic patterns that are often labelled the egoic self. Big Self is consciousness itself, our fundamental nature, an understanding of which is way beyond the comprehension of the human mind. We can however, get a taster, or a direct experience of Big Self, i.e. a personal awakening.

When fully locked into Little Self (ie. no present awareness of Big Self), the tendancy is for the individual to operate from a state of fear and scarcity. Certainly not conducive to peaceful, harmonious co-existence, and a perfect breeding ground for a system as ethically corrupt and out of integrity as the monetary system we all suffer today.

When present to a direct experience of Big Self, even if only partially, the individual can begin to operate from their true nature, which is without doubt one of love, compassion and consideration.

Once we fully ‘get’ that we are all inter-connected at a fundamental level, any act of violence or infringement upon another person (or  any other life form) becomes an act of violence or infringement upon ourself. Self defeating, pointless and just plain INSANE.

“When one tear is shed, the whole world cries”

Once again, this has nothing to do with belief. Without direct experience of Big Self in the present moment, we are still perceiving the world through the veil of Little Self, and still prone to petty egoic reactions. Operating within an egoic paradigm, The Venus Project (or any similar equitable, compassionate society) is probably indeed doomed to eventual failure.

But the cavalry is coming, the angels have arrived, our individual and collective third eye is opening ... however you want to label it humanity is waking up. Of that I have no doubt, and the evidence is clear and abundant. (For those who can’t agree, but want to, I recommend a cup or three of Ayahuasca).

So; take an awakening population headed with unstoppable momentum towards critical mass of Big Self awareness, combine that with our current level of technology (which is decades ahead of what you and I see in our daily lives) and a visionary strategy for a society without money, and you’ve got a recipe for transformative global change RIGHT NOW.

As a species we are the caterpillar entering the cocoon. I’m very excited to see what emerges!

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  1. avatar walker (5) September 5, 2011

    I must say I was deeply impressed by the energy and the clarity of the words in this article and the message behind it. My mind has always been open for these kind of thoughts, and an important shift in my personal conciousness throughout the last couple of years has lifted up my awareness to a level unknown before. It is strange, but very comforting at the same time, to experience that thoughts and feelings that I consider to be personal and even intimate, are expressed in exactly the same way and magnitude by fellow human beings.
    Especially this sense, merely by intuition, that indeed a “global awakening” is taking place, seems to be shared by much more people than I ever expected. It seems to me that an important part of mankind could be preparing this way for the “turbulence” ahead.
    I saw the Moving Forward vid a couple of weeks ago, and I don’t think you have to be a genious to understand that a resource based economy is not just an option, but the only way for our planet and it’s inhabitants to survive. However, I’m afraid that the shift to this kind of society will probably not be based on conciousness-growth (we cannot afford the amount of time this would take), but that it will have to be triggered by a crisis ; the one that is obviously emerging at this very moment. I can’t wait to see how humanity, backed up by a cavalry of angels, will deal with its biggest challenge ever.

    Many thanks for the very inspiring thoughts, I really enjoyed the bus ride !

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I think it will be a bit of both, a crisis (or several), and a con. shift for a large portion of people. I sense the shift accelerating and it seems to be an exponential not linear progression, so whilst we can project 12 months and think it will be a certain way, I believe we have no idea what is coming down the pike!

    My friend Darpan (Ayahuasca Shaman) is convinced there will be a global consciousness event quite soon that pushes many people ‘over the edge’. He is recommending using Aya as preparation, so when it comes, some people at least will not freak out at the experience and be able to help others stay calm.

    There are other modalities, but none that I know of that are anywhere near as immediate and powerful as Aya. (You can throw several other plant brews into that basket, and even humble Weed if you know how to use it in this way)

  3. avatar Alison (Universe Settee) (15) October 4, 2011

    been enjoying jumping on your bus and getting off at each bus stop to read thought provoking material. Do you think there is a way... perhaps you have ideas already.. on how to prepare for such change and evolution? of man without plant journeys?

    Not a judgement on plant journying! Simply a question of curiosity. Ali x

  4. Yes, I’m sure there are many ways.
    Right now, one of the best ways IMO is to learn how to journey out of 3D.
    Here is a lady called Diana Roth who runs a website teaching people to do exactly that. She does not charge a penny.
    Her advice is succinct, to the point, relevant and clearly based on personal experience – she’s as close to an agenda-less contributor as you can get :cool:

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