Am I going mad or am I waking up?

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Today I popped down to the corner shop for some milk, bread and juice.

I was only out for about 20 minutes, it was a pleasant enough drive and the people in the shop were talkative and helpful.

When I got home it started, first a feeling of dizziness, like I was about to blackout, then the hot flash followed by profuse sweating. Wobbly legs, numb fingers and skin and not really knowing which way is up or down.

Finally, after struggling to find some balance and then eating some fruit and drinking plenty of fresh juice and water, the feelings of being in altered state (drunk or stoned – your choice) abated a little, a cold flash came on and I put back on all the clothes I’d taken off and lay down for a rest!!

This doesn’t happen all the time, but recently it is often enough to have become a bit of a worry. Full moon time seems to make it all more intense.

Since my wife and I have been sharing these kinds of experiences for many years now, it isn’t a new and strange phenomenon for me, however, the recent intensity of symptoms has rocked my confidence in it just being a ‘little energetic issue due to internal resistance and tension’!

About 2 weeks ago I began to have experiences showing up that related to snakes. I saw my wife in a vision as a snake charmer (I was the snake!) We found a lizard that looked just like a snake in the garden. My 4 year old began following me around the house with a cuddly toy snake insisting it had to be with me at all times!! These were just a few.

I suddenly got it: Kundalini

So I did a quick google on kundalini symptoms. The first website listed 7. I had all of them. The next site listed 15 or so, I had all of those too.

Eventually, I found time to do some decent research. I began listing symptoms and have now made a list of close to 100 that are regularly reported by people undergoing Kundalini awakening.

I decided to make a kind of questionnaire so people who were suffering like my wife and I could see if there was a ‘K-Factor’ in their suffering. You’ll find that here

Many ‘victims’ of unprepared Kundalini awakening end up diagnosed with various allopathic disease or condition labels: bipolar, manic depressive, neurological disorders, heart disorders, nervous system problems etc. Medication may ameliorate the intensity of symptoms for a while, but it isn’t going to stop an arising of energy that is powerful enough to pop vertebral discs out of alignment!

There is a great deal of information written about the process, the symptoms, the practices and the possible solutions to overcoming a Kundalini Syndrome Crisis.

Instead of repeating it all here, I am going to link to good reads, and slowly, I’ll build upon this article and convert other people’s writing into simple and plain text that hopefully will help to dispel confusion and offer some light at the end of the tunnel to those who need it.

In a way, for me, just understanding that what I am experiencing is a well known, widely practiced, well researched event with thousands of years of pedigree, helped release some of the anxiety that comes with the suspicion that something about you is dying – and it hurts!

So for now, you’ll find my questionnaire here and links to other offsite articles at the foot of the article before the comments.

If you have experience or knowledge in this field or subject, please chime in. I feel there could be some use for others who have no idea what is happening to them, to be able to use a questionnaire to asses the likelihood they are experiencing the blessing and gift of a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening rather than experiencing some life threatening medical condition. The questionnaire is rough and ready and needs refining, I’m looking for help.

Here is a little summary info before you go clicking offsite to the other resources:


What is Kundalini

Kundalini literally means “coiled”. It is depicted either as a goddess, Shakti or “primordial cosmic energy”, or else as a sleeping serpent or “serpent power”.

Kundalini refers to the dormant power or energy present in every human being, lying like a coiled serpent in the subtle body at the base of the spine (sacrum).

Kundalini is described as a potential force, and it is one of the components of the subtle body, which consists of energy channels, energy vortices and centers, subtle energy and drops of essence.

Through conscious energy/spiritual practice or through spontaneous other means, the Kundalini energy rises through the body, firing up the chakras and energy centers of the body as it goes.

The life transforming changes which accompany a Kundalini awakening cover the entire physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual spectrum. Experiences and symptoms vary from person to person and can last for years (even decades).  Some have intense physical symptoms, while others experience mainly emotional or psychological symptoms. Some people (like me) seem to get almost all of the shit!

It is as if the new energy invites a spring cleaning throughout the entire system, with unresolved physical or emotional issues and conditions being thrust up to the surface for resolution and release.


A Kundalini awakening often generates unusual physiological activity as intense movement of energy releases toxins in the body and breaks down energetic resistances and blockages. Symptoms can be erratic, coming and going without provocation, but are generally unresponsive to medical treatment.


Spiritual awakening is not kind on the ego, basically, the little guy gets his ass kicked time and time again.

If you’ve been through an ego death you’ll know how disconcerting that can be, feeling like you are physically dying but knowing that can’t be true!? Mine seem to last for 3 days, I’ve had 3 of them and they were very dark experiences.

The confusion created by the Kundalini energy’s assault on the ego’s house of cards results in a wide array of confusing and sometimes explosive emotions.

 6th Sense Stuff

Whether you want it or not, K-Energy is going to push your perceptions of reality outside the confines of tick-tock 3D. This seems to result in a few psychic ‘gifts’ and a bunch of other weird stuff that’s hard to explain or talk about.


Strategies for Kundalini Crisis

(I have copied and pasted this from this page:  I have edited it a tiny bit but tried to leave it as is, so thanks and apologies to the original author, whichever is most appropriate)

Since no two people experience the process of kundalini in the same way, it is quite hard to give general advice. But we do however try to give some rules of life that makes life easier with an active kundalini. But do remember that since we develop all the time our strategies, too, need to change from time to time. And it is a good thing to remember that what is useful for one person has no effect on another, or is in fact harmful.

Be careful before you follow another person’s advice. The following advice we have partly taken from books, and partly developed out of our own experience:

1. Long walks are always a good thing. If you consider yourself too tired, try to go anyway. To walk in itself redirects the energy down into the ground, and when you are feeling better your strength returns spontaneously. Some people feel well when they do hard physical work, for instance jogging, gymnastics or dance, and others feel overpressure in the head and dizziness from too intense exercising. Do your own experiments, carefully, and find out what is best for you.

2. Physical work requiring very little mental work, for example cleaning, gardening, or household duties, diverts the attention from the process. The same is the case with light work like needlework, painting, singing, poetry or working with clay.

3. Close contact with nature diverts the energy. In summertime close contact with a tree or the ground is good grounding (to divert the energy into the ground) or walk barefoot and the bio-electrical currents will more easily go down.

4. Normally you have to change your sexual life. If the sexual desire disappears completely, it is best to make a pause. Some people experience increased desire and the orgasms, then, balance the energies. If you do not have a partner – use “loving self-help”. Some people can absolutely not endure to have orgasms in the acute phases, even if they would want to. The orgasm establishes a contact between the upper- and lowermost chakras, so that the current unrestrainedly rushes up to the brain.

5. Anti-depressive medicine and psychopharmacological drugs can mitigate the process. It might seem tempting for those who suffer, but you do not fully recover to how you were before the process started, but instead the process will freeze in its present stage. There is a risk that anti-depressive medicine can trigger a psychosis in people who are at a vulnerable stage, and anti-psychosis medicines can cause chronic involuntary bodily movements. And there are more side effects. And still there are people who are so out of balance that they cannot function without the help of this medicine. Among other things it can mitigate attacks of agony. Many people speak about sleeplessness lasting for several weeks when the process started. A small dose of sleeping medicine might be necessary.

6. Overpressure and burning sensations in the head and in other places can, in some people, be mitigated by ordinary prescription-free medicine. Muscle cramps can get better with anti-cramp medicines, which can only be obtained on prescription. It is of course best to avoid medicine, but one has to live. But the threshold of pain is individual, so you have to try and test, and listen to your inner voice. Some succeeded in calming the process with help of the new “happy-pills”, and others got worse.

7. When the energy is extremely active there is a risk that you do not get enough food for long periods of time. This increases the process. If you have a tendency to get into states of trance or “space-out”, then you can keep your blood sugar level up by eating small regular meals or snacks, even if you are not hungry. And do not go to bed with an empty stomach. If you are constipated, eat linseed. It regulates the function of the intestines. If you have diarrhoea you can drink tea made from bilberry. Ask your health store. Eat more than usual. And include more protein. If you are a vegetarian it is important to get nutrient, big meals including dairy products, eggs, beans, rice, root crops, coarse bread and so on.

8. If the problem is body temperature, a cool bath can mitigate. Swimming is good therapy for most people. If you have burning sensations on the top of your head, you can put cold water on the points where it burns. You do not have to soak your hair completely. We know of one single case where the energy got extra violent in the bath, so here, too, caution is recommended. If you freeze a lot or have joint- and muscle pains, a hot bath can mitigate. If your body is burning hot and hand and feet are ice-cold or the other way around, you should dress accordingly, or, have cold or hot hand- and foot baths. Most people have problems with heat waves. Lie in the shadow and use wide-brimmed hat. Do not lie in the sun too long. Use sunglasses. Bathe as often as possible, or have a cold shower. Drink cold drinks.

9. Massage, acupressure, and such things have helped some, but here, too, a warning must be issued since most people got worse.

10. Kundalini arousal and hypersensitivity to electricity walk hand in hand. Do not sit for hours in front of a computer or TV. Some cannot stand neon lights. Avoid microwave ovens and the clock radio. Use a high factor of sun protection when you sit in front of a computer or TV and the like.

11. A kundalini arousal can generate wandering pains throughout the body. Remember that you can simultaneously have a disease, which causes pain, and which absolutely needs treatment. For instance pains in the spine, which many experience, can be caused by a slipped disc. See to it, then, to have a thorough examination by a doctor. See the doctor also if there are other symptoms as, for example, dizziness and disturbed vision or digestive problems. And forget the old myth that you cannot get cancer if you have a kundalini arousal. It is not true!

12. Stop doing meditation, yoga, fasting, breathing exercises and other exercises for good, whose goal it is to reach higher consciousness. They can increase the process. It is a fact that many that meditate or do something spiritual in general, get worse. This includes reading of spiritual books and participating in spiritual workshops. Some can do it but others should be moderate. Prayer gives comfort and strength.

13. It is a good thing to work with the unconscious material that comes up, but in the acute stage many are very susceptible. There is already much to deal with, so it is wise to wait with psychotherapy until the conditions are more stable. But if the need is acute, it is best to seek help.

14. In the acute stage, when you experience extreme tiredness, it is nice to have support from a person you can trust. To feel totally safe and leave the daily work in another person’s hands for a while can be a comfort, when you feel miserable. If you lack the ability to focus, this other person can help you remember and follow the advice in this list.

15. It can be hard for families, friends and social workers, if any, to understand what is going on. Talk about your problems with others in the same situation.

16. Give time a chance. It happens to quite a lot of people who have had painful experiences that the process completely stops by itself.

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  1. avatar shelly72 (1) December 7, 2013

    well i just scored 109 in the questionnaire, its amazed me how many of the questions applied to me, at 41 yrs old i thought im on the change, the hot overwhelming flushes......nausea, i actually did a pregnancy test last week as i was sick for more than a few mornings, and i thought its just like morning sickness! some of the questions i wanted to write a little comment but i guess the purpose is to get a score, so they would be irrelevant to your result, but that was a fascinating read and im amazed at how i relate to it, although i do believe these are my first steps along the path of enlightenment and i feel excited to be here, may our journeys together be ever evolving and i hope i can give back in someway as im sure im going to be gaing so much by being here xxxxxxx :up: :kiss:

  2. Hi Shelly and welcome and thanks for the post. I’m just getting started understanding this stuff and I am on a scent that I can’t talk about just yet, so definitely stay tuned to the blog

    I don’t post articles often, so the RSS feed is probably easiest

  3. avatar angelamcghee (2) January 12, 2014

    ok wow :idea: 104 on score duno whats going on but need to find out more.this is whats happening for sure need to find out more .walking is not my favourite passtime but it starts tomorrow :sweat:

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