3 Stones (Awakening) – Guided Meditation

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3 Stones Meditation Experiences forum thread

Using 3 Stones Awakening as a creative tool


Summary: 3 Stones (Awakening) is the first of the 33⅓ Meditations to show up.

This is a fairly tight and full meditation. Guidance is persistent and regular, so those of you with steely concentration that prefer to ‘do your own thing’ may find it a tad excessive. For the rest of us who struggle to stay present for more than a few seconds at a time, it should keep you on track.

There is no way you’ll get all the juice from one or two listenings. There are many concepts/techniques integrated into the audio, any of which can deliver very profound experiences.

As you listen again and again, you’ll keep finding stuff you missed before, or new depths/distinctions to previous discoveries. Sometimes, a section that was ‘awesome’ last time you listened will be missed completely as if it simply isn’t there!

Sometimes, it will seem as if the guidance is way too fast, sometimes it seems too slow. I guess it depends on your level of presence – the deeper in state I get, the less I notice the guidance yet the more I am able to follow it!

Don’t worry about following all the ‘procedures’ in one sitting – I still haven’t managed that feat! Trust that a part of you is getting it, even if your conscious mind (Little Self) is complaining it doesn’t understand or it “didn’t have time to do that bit properly!”

The key is to actually experience energy. If that’s not natural for you, just persist and use your imagination to ‘pretend’ you are getting it. Eventually the pre-tending will become in-tending which is only a heartbeat away from experiencing.

Sooner or later, you’re going to have an experience and wonder if what just happened was your imagination or something .... REAL!!  :wink:

VERY IMPORTANT: When the audio ends, make a point of NOT moving immediately or rejoining your normal life right away. You are going to be in an altered state of consciousness, so enjoy the feelings that have surfaced and play with the experience. This is when most of your insights are going to show up, don’t cheat yourself out of them by thinking it is ‘done at the ding!’ Try to stay present to the 3 Stones for as long as possible, even as you get back into your 3D activities.

“See Your Heart Chakra Opening ...” : Close to the very middle of the audio, during the Heart section, you will hear the phrase “See your heart chakra opening, just like a flower opens it’s petals to embrace the morning sun!” I threw together this video to support the phrase ... it isn’t my own work, I just connected and re-timed other peoples videos and set the whole lot to my own preferred music. Enjoy.

Setup: 3 Stones (Awakening) begins without any setup or relaxation intro, so you’ll need to take care of that before pressing play.

meditation1Go for a walk or do something to stretch and relax the body and mind, or listen to the guided setup audio which can be found here.

Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed for about 40 minutes. Turn off all your phones, Skype, cooker, TV etc!

Relaxation is very important for this kind of energy work. Pay particular attention to relaxing your jaw and face muscles and the muscles in your stomach and chest area.

You can sit in your favorite meditation posture, and if you don’t have one, click here for the kind of thing we are looking for.

Practice at least once daily, preferably twice! A good rule of thumb is to avoid the hour after you wake up and a couple of hours before you normally sleep, otherwise you’re probably just going to doze off due to the binaural beat and my relaxing, lilting voice :lol:


binaural1Headphones: Since the Med has 7.83Hz (Theta/Schumann Frequency) binaural technology, headphones are recommended.

The Schumann Frequency is sometimes called Gaia Vibration and is believed by some to be the resonant frequency of the Earth – very nice explanation and illustratory animation here


Usually, downloading is fairly straight forward, just click the link and follow directions. Tech support is always available for the non-techies amongst us :wink:

To be updated whenever I make a new version, subscribe to the comments at the bottom of the page.


DropBox (download only) ➪ Click here for 3 Stones (Awakening) – Guided Audio with Binaural Beat

Kiwi6 (play or download) Click here for 3 Stones (Awakening) – Guided Audio with Binaural Beat


Hard of Hearing?

DropBox (download only) ➪ Click here for 3 Stones (Awakening) – Guided Audio with Louder Voice Over

Kiwi6 (play or download) Click here for 3 Stones (Awakening) – Guided Audio with Louder Voice Over


Don’t want guiding?

DropBox (download only) ➪ Click here for 3 Stones (Awakening) – Music and Sound Effects Only

Kiwi6 (play or download) Click here for 3 Stones (Awakening) – Music and Sound Effects Only


You can also listen on your computer right now via this video I uploaded to Vimeo, if you would like to share the link here it is:  http://vimeo.com/lastbusstop/3stonesawakening



Supporting Materials/Links:

Can’t hear some of the guide phrases? Here is the script in PDF, you can download it or view it in a new window:

Click here for the 3 Stones (Awakening) – Guided Meditation Script

The audio references several distinctions that I’ve been working on for the past year or two, some of them we’ve used for Lunar Games in the past. If you aren’t completely familiar with the ideas, I highly recommend reading the following articles ...

Breathe & Wait


Just Feel It!


The Nine Vibrations


The 4 Facets of Presence


What Is You & What is Not You?


Open As Love


Chakras vs Dantians – Portals & Energy Centers

I’ll add more support material and articles as we go along, comments help to make the FAQ’s :wink:


RespectCredits: Here is where I acknowledge and thank some of the people whose time, energy and material I have used, copied, plagurised, edited, converted or just plain enjoyed whilst creating this meditation ...

Musical Geniuses:

Lightning Storm & Artificial Energy by The Ochi Brothers

Ibiza Longin by Maneesh De Moor

Beyond Time & Relax & Desire by Blank & Jones (Relax is a Vargo remix)

Meditation Concepts and Input:

My beautiful radiant wife Anzela. Sweetheart, you are the light of my life, my inspiration, I love you.

Justin (5) and Keira (3), my beloved children, who helped me to discover the 3 Stones concept during our nightly story time adventures.

Sixth Sense Steve for hours and hours of gracious listening to my rantings and ramblings (and Shelley for allowing it :giggle: ) – don’t know where this would be without the space you create for me, thanks bro’

Eric Pepin of Higher Balance Institute for his lead on twice daily meditation focused on the 3 energy centers and the idea of using the touch to focus attention and influence on one or two of the guiding phrases.

Finally, a bow of appreciation to the hidden hand that is guiding this adventure, You are bloody awesome!, whoever/whatever you are :wink:

Anyone/anything else I have forgotten, please forgive the omission and let me know what/who I missed!


As well as the comments below, this link leads to a discussion of a 30 day trial a group of us did on the Audio whilst it was being produced. Lots of comments, tips, advice and sharing of wonderful experiences with the 3 Stones.

This link will take you to the 3 Stones Meditation Experiences forum thread.

12 jewels of fabulous feedback ... click here to add yours

  1. Just noticed there are still one or two tweaks to do on the audio. It’s not that noticeable, so you can run with the current one, but dl the latest before the LG.

    In fact, best thing is to subscribe to this post comments, and I will make a comment each time the audio is updated ;)

  2. OK, new version is now uploaded :nerd:
    Enjoy :cool:

  3. Thanks for the acknowledgement bro “If I knew in advance it was that valuable I would have charged you my executive coaching rate” :giggle:

    Listen mate working, chatting, playing with you is one of my most pleasurable experiences. To have the quality of friendship and depth of communication we share is both awesome and a real gift...thanks for being who you are.

    The contribution you have created in this collection of tools will offer those who make the time to practice an unlimited ocean of possibilities. Let the game begin :nod:

  4. avatar Beryl (16) February 6, 2013

    Need technical help to download the audio, do I do it on a pen drive? :confused:

  5. New version (v8) now uploaded :smile:

  6. avatar Alison (Universe Settee) (15) March 5, 2013

    I have been doing the 3 stones meditation since 3rd February when V1 was uploaded just before this LG started. Other than missing a handful of days I have made it a daily practise.

    What I believe it has helped me do is stay focused (not a mean feat for those of you who know me so well!!) :rofl: This, in what has been a very turbulent time for me.

    I have also tried some free binaural beat meditations and the quality you have produced for a free mp3 David is infinitely higher than many out there — truly you have created a beautiful and powerful healing tool!

    The journey of the 3 stones has been remarkably similar for me most times.

    Bit like being on a guided bus on the same route, you get to know the terrain and it becomes familiar to you. Yet, on every journey you notice something different outside of yourself as well as within. (what is you and what is not you).

    I have refrained from commenting for many reasons but primarily because I wanted to know what experience or effects it would have over a period of time and today is 31 days since I started.

    For me, I believe my Ruby centre is the strongest right now as access to power and strength is what I have needed to call upon. My Emerald centre has been my haven and helped me see a very difficult situation with compassion.

    When I have lost it recently (rage) this meditation has certainly helped me regain balance and like I say stay focused and grounded.

    In the more powerful of experiences I have experienced being the void, for want of a phrase. Where I am ‘awake’ yet have no conscious awareness of my physical self and I know I am not asleep. These meditations seem to bring the most peace and healing — helping me reach a higher vibration above and beyond extreme anxiety.

    Thank you David again, for your gift.

  7. Thanks Ali, awesome comment, really useful

  8. v9 is now being uploaded to the download link in the middle of this page above and also to Vimeo. Give it about an hour, or check to make sure the title says v9 before downloading it :wink:

    For me, this is the first officially stamped version! In other words, I now feel comfortable sharing this with the world, rather than a close knit group of trusted friends.

    I am happy with the sound and text for now, but I still want to reproduce about a third to half of the phrases, so that will be v10 and will mark the limit of what I can achieve ‘tout seul’ at home.

    v11 and v12 will follow when The Sound Mechanic shows up :smile:

    I will continue to make minor tweaks to v9 but nothing should be that major or noticeable, but I’ll let you know each time a new copy goes up.


  9. PS. I made a couple of script changes, so if you use it, please download the new pdf from the link above :smile:

  10. v10.2 has now been uploaded.
    this is a complete re-recording and re-mixing of the voice over, using much higher quality equipment and a better recording environment
    I am very proud of this

  11. Yep Bro you have for sure created a pretty amazing contribution through this work. Last night I used v10.2 for the first time, can only say it was without a doubt an absolutely amazing experience.

    Several things feel into place. I felt the requirement earlier in the day to cleanse and keep pure for the day. As nightfall approached I could sense tonight was the night. The environment was set up and felt perfect, I had a clear and strong intention to use the 3 stones meditation to support me in several areas of my life to create momentum and flow with a number of projects, that require shifting.

    I was able to remain focused throughout and felt feelings and sensations that where of other worlds, new and fresh yet old and full of wisdom.

    My focus throughout was to hear a voice and follow its instruction and on many occasions my mind and body seemed one step and ahead and then in other moments being led to follow the instruction.

    Plenty of insights and direction and a number of pages of notes that flowed yet I do not remember writing them down.

    A profound experience full of guidance and clarity supported by a professional and connected production. No doubt this is a piece of guided wisdom full of majic and quality, a masterpiece of human engineering and a contribution to humanity 11/10 awesome work David....your best yet!

    Love Peace and respect my friend

  12. OMG! I am so sorry my friends, I appear to have uploaded the wrong file to dropbox and to kiwi 6 for the standard guided version of 3 Stones

    I have now uploaded the correct version and changed the links above, please forgive me!

    The file name should be: 3Stones.(Awakening).Guided.Binaural.v10.2.mp3

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